The Kēryx in ancient times inaugurated and summoned heads to attend the high-level summits of the ancient world. They were the inviolable messengers and heralds between states, even in time of war, proclaiming meetings of assembly, councils or courts of law. The Keryx Group continues to bring people together, transcending borders and removing obstacles to business development.

Answering the global need for better partnerships


Based in Warsaw, with a regional and global outreach, The Keryx Group is a sustainable business brokerage specialised in building partnerships for professional communities.


We are:

  • in Brussels, sitting on the Finance Working Group, where our Managing Director chairs the Smart City Strategy Group, of the E.U. Commission's Smart City Stakeholders Platform;
  • in Central and Eastern Europe, working with think tanks, public authorities and solution providers to promote investing in sustainable urban solutions for E.U. cities and regions;
  • locally, regionally and increasingly globally, specialised in community outreach, stakeholder coordination and managing partnerships. On a pro bono basis, we are consulting for a citizens' economic engagement group in South Africa.


    Partner Relations Management & Expert Network Development

    Our partnership management and expert network development services offer a professional approach to creating and leveraging partnerships to meet our clients' needs.



    Community Outreach & Stakeholder Coordination

    The Keryx Group are Coordinators of the new European Union (E.U.) Community Led Local Development (C.L.L.D.) Projects. We work with various stakeholders in giving them a voice in their community in order for them to better own the projects developped on their territories.



    E.U. Smart Urban Development Coordination

    The Keryx Group are European Union Smart City Initiative Coordinators. We work with European cities in defining their urban development needs, as well as with the energy, transport and ICT industries in developing their solutions that best address those needs.



    Regional Business Brokerage and Development Services

    Our business brokerage and development services enlarge our clients' horizons; we insert firms into established business forums and provide for new opportunities in dynamic markets.



    Regional Trade Mission Support

    Our trade mission services provide full support during the client's entire stay on site. We arrange commercial reconnaissance missions; we introduce investors and bolster their presence in new markets.



    Global & Regional Strategic Advisory

    Our strategic advisory is focused on smart urban development in the E.U. and globally; stakeholder outreach and partner relations management; and the development of policy partnerships to include governments, industries and local communities.



    Regional focus