The Kēryx in ancient times inaugurated and summoned heads to attend the high-level summits of the ancient world. They were the inviolable messengers and heralds between states, even in time of war, proclaiming meetings of assembly, councils or courts of law. The Keryx Group continues to bring people together, transcending borders and removing obstacles to business development.

Our Philosophy - we build your partnerships.


We call ourselves The Keryx Group as a nod to the ancient profession of heralds, and as a reminder of who we aim to be: trusted advisors and conveners of the power-brokers of today.


Our work evolved out of public affairs. All too often, the practice of public affairs only offered a one-way push from "us" to "them". The Keryx Group offers a collaborative, problem-solving approach to public affairs that brings stakeholders back to the table. The Keryx Group is a partnership management group.


The Keryx Group builds relationships and manages the partnerships amongst various stakeholders. Our role is to keep lines of communication open. We provide the neutral space necessary to hold mediation in cross-cultural and cross-sectoral encounters. We pursue talks until an agreement is brokered. We provide access, advisory and support; we organize meetings and roundtables. We manage joint initiatives, task forces, coalitions, alliances, networks and business communities. We have worked both on policy and in field. We make room for the discussions that lead to real accomplishments by expertly managing today's increasingly complex web of stakeholders.


Today our operations may extend from our pro-bono work in South Africa to our partnerships in Brussels, but our world-view is deeply influenced by our Central European roots. The memory of the fight for freedom in Central Europe keeps us aware of our core values of economic and personal freedom. We support a thriving business environment, democratic accountability and stakeholder engagement. The Keryx Group promotes thought leadership initiatives that adheres to the above core principles.





Through the patronage of the Managing Director, The Keryx Group maintains links with think tanks and institutions such as the Aspen Institute, Prague; the Community of Democracies, Warsaw; the European Forum Alpbach, Austria; the German Marshall Fund, Brussels; the Global Diplomacy Lab; the EU Smart City Stakeholders Platform; the Polish Committee for Standardisation (PKN).


By multiplying partnerships, the Keryx Group broadens your horizons, creates markets and draws diverse industries, actors and geographies together.