The Kēryx in ancient times inaugurated and summoned heads to attend the high-level summits of the ancient world. They were the inviolable messengers and heralds between states, even in time of war, proclaiming meetings of assembly, councils or courts of law. The Keryx Group continues to bring people together, transcending borders and removing obstacles to business development.

Connecting your interests to the wider region


Our regional focus allows The Keryx Group to work with larger horizons than any country-focused consultancy. Today three macro-regions form the most dynamic areas of the wider Europe in which we operate.



The Baltic Region

With its shared Hanseatic heritage and influences, the Baltic Sea Region, member of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions, plays host to overlapping organizations that aim at consolidating regional ties.



The Central European Region

The Danubian region of Central Europe has historically been governed by multicultural empires that imparted a tradition of local and regional self-government.



The Caspian Region

The European Union (EU)'s engagement with the Caucasus and Central Asia is reflected through TRACECA the co-operation programme in the transport sector and INOGATE the energy co-operation programme between the EU, Turkey and post-Soviet states.



Further regions

The Keryx Group is a brokerage house in constant expansion on a regional basis.



Regional focus