The Kēryx in ancient times inaugurated and summoned heads to attend the high-level summits of the ancient world. They were the inviolable messengers and heralds between states, even in time of war, proclaiming meetings of assembly, councils or courts of law. The Keryx Group continues to bring people together, transcending borders and removing obstacles to business development.

Supporting real talent


The Keryx Group has the capabilities, the people and the ambition to respond to a growing demand for business development and corporate network management firms. We answer the growing global trend for switching to flexible regional brokerships and consultancies


All candidates are expected to contribute to the general direction of the company. We welcome submissions from professionals who believe they have the enthusiasm and passion to enter and serve the Keryx Group's mission.

Please email to introduce yourself.



Business Relations Managers

Business Relations Managers hold key front office positions at the Keryx Group and represent the company both internally and externally.



Business Research Analysts

Business Research Analysts hold key back office positions at the Keryx Group and represent the high degree of analytical capability that is the foundation of the Keryx Group's reputation for excellence.



Regional focus